The iJet is a fully self contained HP print module

with power and data over Ethernet.

Perfect for integration into track and trace systems.

Wide variety of inks available for printing on porous and non

pourous surfaces including food grade.

All control is provided in the print head.  Easy integration in

already existing installations.  Easy navigation through the whole system by iLOGIK interface

(man/machine interface)  Variety of interfaces:

Blue Tooth, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP

Animated graphics for an easy handling.  Realtime printing of variable data from a single database

(up to 1200 per minute)

max print speed:  Up to 90 m/min by 300dpi

Simple replace of cartridges by Click'n Print technology.

Max print height up to 12.5mm with one print head.

Integrated photocell for an optimized product identity.

Dimension 189 x 38 x 96mm


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  • Item #: iJet
  • Manufacturer: CodeTech
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